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Distinctive Dance Etc. is a facility that offers children of all ages a stimulating setting that allows them to explore and grow while having fun. It is situated in Warwick’s Greenwood Proper neighborhood.

We offer hip hop dance classes in Cranston. We also offer classes in Tap, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Acro. Our studio places a strong emphasis on confidence, coordination, and most of all enjoyment. We offer classes for dancers who don’t want to compete, as well as a competition team for those who want.

You may rest assured that every lesson is taught in a way that is closely related to proper and correct dance instruction. We at Distinctive Dance Etc. want to provide an exceptional, welcoming, and enjoyable environment for the children.

We aim to impart teamwork in a family atmosphere. Our instructors are incredibly innovative and put a lot of thought and effort into their classes. The love of dance is universal, whether you dance competitively or simply for enjoyment, and DDE is the studio for your kid or teen.

Hip-hop dancers are urged to let the music move them; thus, hip hop dance classes in Cranston frequently give kids the chance to improvise and freestyle. This is a fantastic method for encouraging your child’s creativity. The chance to express oneself is also a fantastic way to blow off steam and rebalance emotions.

Hip-hop tracks are propelled by the beat, whether fast and furious or laid-back and cruisin’. Powerful dance moves give the dancer a genuine sensation of strength and allow them to “own it” on stage. Even the most reserved dancer can spice up the dance floor with little sass and a cheeky grin! It’s a confidence builder, that’s for sure. (And rest assured, we only pick age-appropriate tracks.)

Hip hop dance classes in Cranston offer a freer style of movement in contrast to the structure of classes like ballet, which are great for learning that style but aren’t appropriate for every youngster.

We always encourage dancers to learn a variety of styles, but if your child only wants to take one class or that’s all your budget will allow, they can still excel at hip-hop even if they don’t learn other dance forms. Hip-hop is not reliant on learning abilities in other classes, unlike contemporary or lyrical genres (which demand a foundation in ballet from the dancer).

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