Top Five Benefits of Stretching

How to prevent Dance injuries

Stretching. Consider it the next wonder drug for athletes, dancers, gamers, and even book lovers. Regular stretching is good for children of all ages. The top five explanations are as follows:

  1. The muscles become more flexible and have a wider range of motion as a result of stretching. That translates to bigger jumps and deeper splits for dancers. It translates to a superior backhand twist for tennis players.
  2. Stretching makes the muscles receive more blood. The body heats up as a result, lowering the possibility of harm. This might make the difference between a goal and a groin injury for soccer players.
  3. Posture is improved through stretching. A child’s shoulders can round from playing video games, staring at a phone screen, or immersing themselves in a book for hours on end, all of which weaken their muscles. Kids can stand more upright thanks to stretching, which strengthens those muscles.
  4. Stretching can lessen pain in the muscles. Muscles may hurt after a strenuous game or dancing routine. Stretching helps to ease this pain.
  5. Finally, because it encourages relaxation, stretching can help youngsters sleep better. Children who stretch pay attention to their breath and their bodies rather than day-to-day concerns like COVID and homework.

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