Why Hip Hop Dance Class in Coventry is a Great Alternative to Team Sports for Kids

Hip hop Coventry


A child’s growth and development are directly linked to physical activity. Encouraging children for engaging in physical activities is an essential part of parenting. Yes, team sports are quite a  popular choice for children but hip hop dance is also an excellent alternative for them. If your kid has a knack for pop then you can put them in hip hop Coventry classes offered by one of the best institutes called Distinctive Dance Etc. There are many kids who prefer dance over sports, as parents it is your duty to identify their likes and dislikes and give priority to them.


About Hip Hop Dance and its Origin:


Hip hop is a unique dance form that originated in African American as well as Latino communities in the USA. This dynamic style involves a wide range of movements such as breaking, popping, locking, and many other dance forms. This fun activity has numerous benefits and this is why this dance form is chosen by many parents for their children as a suitable alternative to team sports. 


Benefits of hip hop dance


There are many benefits of putting your child in hip hop dance class in Coventry. It helps your child to become creative and imaginative. Your child learns discipline and gains confidence while attending the classes of hip hop offered by Distinctive Dance Etc. The benefits of hip hop dance are elaborated below:


Sense of empowerment


Hip hop is a dance form that involves fast and furious tips. The tracks are so fuelled with fast beats that your children become energetic no matter if they have a laid-back attitude. This dance form will provide your child with a real sense of empowerment when he or she is on stage. The child will feel that he owns the stage and this will make him more confident. If your child is reserved and you want them to flourish, then this dance form can definitely bring a smile to their face and can make them groove like a pro. Don’t worry, Distinctive Dance Etc. always chooses a track that suits your child’s age group.


Sense of participation and belonging


When a school competition takes place, your child will have some stylish moves to show and this hip hop dance class in Coventry will help your child to confidently participate in those talent competitions. When a child with reserved behavior will get an appreciation for his smart dance moves, it will help the child to develop a sense of belonging. The child will have a reason to come out of the shell and explore the world with new hope. Winning is not the ultimate goal but participation is; this concept will change the life of your child. It is the main reason why you must put your child in a good hip hop dance class.


Expression development and physical activity


At Distinctive Dance Etc. students are at times left to improvise according to the beat and the tone of the music. This is done basically to help the children develop creativity and work on their expression. The hip hop dance form is inclusive of a lot of physical activities as the steps are quite strong. So, children who opt for hip hop dance classes stay physically active even if they do not take part in some sports or so. This is why hip hop dance is considered a great alternative to team sports.


Making friends


When children are put in a class, they start to bond with each other. But in a hip hop dance class, children find like-minded friends so it becomes easier for them to find friends. It is very important to have friends outside of school; these friendships help children how they can familiarize themselves with a different environment. Friends at hip hop dance class in Coventry inspire each other to learn the dance form better.


Building teamwork spirit


On some days children are trained to perform alone and on other days they are taught hip hop in a group. Thus, kids learn to help and train each other. They also learn how to perform in a group and also how to adjust in a group. Today’s kids get the full attention of their parents and relatives and once they have to share the attention, it becomes frustrating for them. That’s why putting children in a hip hop dance class helps grow teamwork spirit within them.


Hip hop Coventry dance class offered by Distinctive Dance Etc. reforms your child for a better future. The teachers are empathetic and energetic at the same time and they are never impatient with the kids. There are numerous advantages to putting your child in a hip hop dance class. It also helps them have another career option apart from academics. So, book the dance floor for your child today and see how the kid sets the stage on fire.

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