How to Keep Your Kids Dancing During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, dance studios all over the world have had to close without much warning to the families of the dancers. These dance lessons are the one thing some small children look forward to each week. Your children may express themselves, learn, grow, and have fun through dance!

Your little dancers could be getting stir crazy being trapped indoors without a dance studio to let loose in as all dancing lessons have been canceled till further notice. These are the kinds of situations when we need to keep youngsters dancing. There is still dance to be done even if there is no studio to go to.

During the quarantine, children can dance with their families at home. Dancing at home will not only keep children occupied, but it will also keep them on track so they can easily return to dance school. Even if they aren’t dancers yet, your tiny ones will grow to adore the activity.

For tips on how to keep your kids dancing and having fun during the COVID-19 quarantine, continue reading below.

Have them set their own goals

Allow your young dancers to define their own objectives. All ages can participate in this activity. Ask your young dancers what they hope to accomplish in dance today or this week.

Your children may not be as eager to practice new dancing moves if they feel compelled to. Allow them to decide for themselves what objectives they want to achieve, and make sure to support them along the way.

When practicing dancing at home, it’s best to concentrate on competing against oneself rather than other dancers.

Participate in daily stretches together

Your kids may become less flexible if they take extended vacations from dancing. You may stretch regularly with them to make sure their bodies are always ready for dancing. Both you and your tiny dancers will benefit much from it.

You may find helpful stretches for young dancers on YouTube or by asking your children’s dancing instructors. Spend some time each day stretching with your little dancers to make their dancing skills flawless.

Create an at-home dance space

The atmosphere might not feel like a place for dance if there isn’t a designated area for your little dancers. If you can set up a dancing studio in their house, it will provide them with the setting they require each day to succeed.

The dancing area doesn’t need to fill the entire room, however, it would be nice if you had the room. If not, reserve a particular area of the room for your dancers. They will now have a separate area where they may dance to their hearts’ content.

If at all feasible, make sure to include some dancing supplies, such as a full-length mirror, a ballet barre, ballet shoes, a ballet costume, and dance flooring. The more amenities you can offer, the more like a typical dancing studio it will seem to them.

Small dance practice intervals

Give your kids short breaks to rehearse their dancing moves when they are practicing at home. One or two sessions of 10-15 minutes each will be effective. Allow your kids to keep dancing after the timer expires if they want to, but don’t make them.

They shouldn’t feel as though their dance time is a duty. Instead, you want to enjoy and have fun at this time.

Reward them for great practices

Make sure to give them praise after they finish a practice. Consider a few things that your kids like the most. This might take the form of stickers, spending more time on an electronic device, or something else.

After each dancing lesson or practice, give them their preferred goodie. You’ll want to let them know how proud you are of them since they’ve worked hard to maintain those skills and keep you amazed. Remember to provide them with plenty of water as well.